MEAs — A Wonderful STEM Tool

Hello All, Welcome to the first blog post of the 2016-2017 school year. Keeping with the focus of these posts, I want to make you aware of another great strategy for and resource for supporting some of our key science and engineering practices. First, though, a reminder of some recent resources I have posted about: […]

Evolva … and Evolving

So I had the pleasure of spending time with Jennifer Wilson, Julie Jacobs, and Bradley Bernhard this morning as they deep into their time at Evolva. I felt a certain sense of jealousy as they were doing some really cool work and I wished that I could have more time to spend there. But research […]

Follow up Thoughts from Tuesday

Hello All, I hope that Tuesday was as generative for you as it was for me. I wanted to share some things with you that stuck in my mind, and then hope that you might also contribute things that resonated with you … 1. We generated a list of criteria by which we can improve […]

A Host of Resources at Your Fingertips Hello All,

Hello All, It has been a while since I put finger to keypad, but that is probably good because I have run across several really wonderful resources in the past couple of weeks that I wanted to share with you … 1. Katherine McNeil has been a national leader in efforts to strengthen the use […]